Dem​-​os​.​.​.​o Ti: Episode 1

by Do Me So Ti

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after a set i played recently, a friend told me they wanted to be able to listen to my songs. i'm a perfectionist with shitty abilities, which is why i haven't "put out" any recordings thus far, but i just ignored perfectionist sentiments and recorded some demos.

these songs are in all different stages of done-ness. some still have a lot of changes to yet go through.

these songs come with a content/trigger warning for sexual assault, abuse, blood, and (kinda) suicidal ideation, just so ya know


released March 25, 2016

leeah swift - kickin' out the jams



all rights reserved


Do Me So Ti Minneapolis, Minnesota


yes, it's a steven universe reference, fuck off

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Track Name: PSH
called on my shit
thought the night though
nothing's clear, but i've decided
what to do

i know i said i'd never go back
that i'd have to be dead
but look at me now
whittled down to my feet
puss-y and bent

i'm admitting it's tempting
to go

it's tempting
to go either way
i'm not a fool
i know it's gonna change
someone's day

i wish i could know
just what you thought of that book
the dawn'll show you
just how i look
one with my reflection
flat on the ocean
they've said we look a-
-like often, fill me up
phillip seymour hoffman
Track Name: Jaggoff
you were my friend, but now you're not
string through a quarter, yanked out of the slot
smart in that way, so you'll go far
lauded by the boys back home
who don't know
someone you shook and all her shame
the institution that cleared your name
scruffy friends who did much the same
you said you'd be dead if there were guilt to prove

everyone must live with what's been done
some bundle clothes around the sun
which guarantees to sear when packing's undone
i wonder some if you give it thought
...................probably not

you took something you shouldn't have
Track Name: Don't It?
jessie, i could never love you
but the way that you toot your horn
suggests something we could do
when the saints come
marching in this room
you know i can't be seen
with you

all the water in the sky
can't put out the fire
all the wood and the winds
won't silence the lyre

jessie, i can barely breathe
you stop my heart and you won't stop punching me
i never said that i didn't want it
so i guess that makes it my fault
don't it?

all the water in the sky
can't put out the fire
all the wood and the winds
won't silence the lyre

all the water in my eyes
could not start the fire
all the wood and the winds
could not construct the lyre
could not construct the lyre
i love you, jessie
so i am the liar
Track Name: Be Real
i left church
for the last time today
the sermons
always make my eyes bleed
i'd pray if i could hear the preacher say
"God is dead,
and so we will be one day"

i recall
God fondly
we named the streets
after useless things
it was nice, we bonded on late nights,
but i couldn't escape
the feeling that i was hated
i never did ask
so let's just call me--

when God spoke to me
there was talk of becoming better things
than the rules that our folks wrote
that turned them to sadness and hate
i'd become a chimney and say
"oh God, be real with me,
don't be naïve
page by page,
this life is misery"

they say i was God's best friend
chosen, beloved,
which i refuse to believe
because that means
that i could've done something
i bought new clothes
as if i'd never worn black before
that morning, i had a few drinks
and crashed my car

is this all you got?
can you hear me?
i guess not
i guess it's a lost cause
i'm a lost cause
Track Name: Gigi's Lament
well-done burger in at 8:55
i should take that as a given
i wonder if they know we're even alive
or of the bleedin in my fingers

one day
my soul will be
free from
my body

i guess i'm gonna be the one to say
"what goes down, must come up"
like the umbilical bungee that plunged me to the ground
and the wings that will take me up and thrust
you fucked me up
now i'm fucked
lit up, no job, bones unbecome
i wretch to think it won't be done 'til the day
my soul will be
free from
my body

one day
my soul will be
free from
my body